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celebrity humanitarians

Celebrity Humanitarians

Many famous people spend money on mansions and jets, but many celebrity humanitarians help people world wide. Let’s all get involved on a personal level.

I wish the news media covered more stories of the rich and famous being involved in humanitarian deeds. Many stars do much more than go shopping, take trips to Bora Bora or go clubbing on the weekends. I am delighted to inform you that there are many Hollywood celebrities that do care for others besides just contemplating how to spend their fortunes. 

celebrity humanitarians



You may have heard about Angelina Jolie and her quest to eradicate poverty and help refugees throughout the world. Her Jolie-Pitt Foundation has given millions to many significant causes. What a great example of “giving back.”



celebrity humanitarians

Another actor who has made a difference in people’s lives is Matthew Perry from the hit sitcom “Friends.” He has converted his Malibu mansion into a drug rehab facility to help people overcome their addictions. Sandra Bullock and Gwen Stefani are making headlines with their humanitarian efforts in donating time and a ton of money for disaster relief around the globe.


The examples above are just scratching the surface of the humanitarian needs around the world, in our country or even your back yard. Here are the steps you can take to bless others.

STEP 1: Acknowledge what your interests, talents and gifts are. If nothing could stop you, what would you really enjoy doing to help others. Make a list. Narrow down to your top choice.

STEP 2: Discover what is stopping you. Instead of quickly answering that the reason is based on money, kids, job, age, time etc., what is the real reason you aren’t using your gifts. Could it be fear or a lack of knowledge on how to get started? Sit and think about what is truly causing you to not take the next step.

STEP 3: Make a plan on how to overcome your obstacles. For example, if it’s money, then start a non profit and raise the funds. If it’s your job, then schedule your day to put an hour or two towards your mission before or after work. You could even quit your job and find one that’s directly related to your mission. If time is the issue, then skip watching TV or scrolling through friends’ Facebook posts that you will forget minutes later.

STEP 4: Acquire knowledge. Start to develop and sharpen your skills so that you can be the most affective when using your talent. Take some online classes, enroll in college or check out books related to your mission from your local library.

STEP 5: Take action! If you want to help through disaster relief, look up organizations you can team up with and make plans to travel to that location and help. If it’s loving kids who’ve been abused, be a volunteer at a local shelter. Prison ministry sound interesting? Visit inmates weekly and listen to their story and love them.  If it’s speaking, start calling event planners and sharing your story for the possible opportunity of sharing truth with an audience. Writing is your joy? Then start that blog, book or journal you’ve been dying to get started. The possibilities and benefits are endless.

celebrity humanitarians

Some of my best memories, happened on foreign soil. My mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa was life-changing! I will never forget ministering to kids in schools, washing their hair and working at a shelter. The photo is when I spoke in South America. Many students made major changes in their choices of friends, activities and entertainment choices as a result.

All of these experiences have helped me look at the world differently. Every time I came home from one of those trips, I gave away more of the “things” I really didn’t need in my Los Angeles apartment. As a mom of 4, 5 and under, I still have this desire to help others. Speaking, writing and teaching give me the opportunity to use my gifts to create change in our culture all while my kids are observing how they too can make a difference.

celebrity humanitariansEven though your seasons in life change, every stage gives us the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face. We might not have the million to give away, but we do have our time. Through following the steps above, you will discover the joy that arises when blessing others.

Question:  In what ways are you participating in meeting the needs around the world?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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