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Celebrating Counter Culture Mom of the Month: Jessica Vande Walle

Counter Culture Mom celebrates Mom of the Month, Jessica Vande Walle. When her child’s school started displaying pro-LGBTQ flags in eighth-grade classrooms, she did something about it. May her story inspire you!

In an interview with Tina, here’s what Jessica had to say.

Tina: What happened in your community?

Jessica: My eighth-grade daughter came home from school one day last fall, saying one of her teachers displayed a small LGBTQ flag in her classroom. She said the kids were talking about it outside the classroom, wondering why it was there.

Tina: How did you handle it?

Jessica: When first hearing of this, my husband and I were caught off guard. We live in a small farming community in Wisconsin. We decided we needed to say something because we felt our rights as parents were being trampled on.

First, we contacted a few parents in the community to see how they felt about this. We wanted to see if they would support us. All the parents we spoke to agreed that the flag does not belong in our children’s classrooms.

Then, I decided to send an email to the principal stating our concerns and asking if there was a policy in place for the schools regarding controversial symbols in the classroom. I received an email back stating that the flag is there to designate a safe place for any kid who is struggling with LGBTQ issues and that it is not meant to be controversial. He stated that if we had an issue with it being there, we could set up a meeting with the principal and the school guidance counselor.

At that point, I was upset. I felt his response didn’t respect our feelings and rights as parents, and the conversation was going nowhere. I decided to contact the superintendent and requested a meeting with her. She set up a meeting with the principal and us. We also had a friend outside the community who wanted to come alongside us and be at the meeting. He knew the Constitution and what rights were being violated.

Tina: Why did you get involved?

Jessica: We got involved because we love our kids and our community. We have serious concerns with pro-LGBTQ curriculum/flags infiltrating our schools. We believe, as Christians, it is our responsibility to stand up for the truth!

Sample LGBTQ “safe space” flag.

Ephesians 6:11 says, “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

Tina: Did you have any worries or reservations about coming forward? 

Jessica: We had many concerns about saying something (mostly me). We kept our daughter’s name confidential in fear of her becoming a target for being antigay. I was worried that other parents would not back us up, and we would be labeled as haters. I also had concerns that this might make the news and we would be the center of a huge controversy in our small community.

Tina: Why did you still decide to say something?

Jessica: Even though I had these fears, we felt God was in control. We continued to pray about it and seek Him to give us the strength to stand up for our beliefs.

Tina: What was the outcome of the meeting?

Jessica: The meeting went very well. We were all kind and respectful of each other and willing to listen. We stated our concerns with the flag being displayed and made it clear that we are not haters of the gay community.

I expressed my concerns about the fact that one of the companies that disperses safe place kits/flags to schools also promote a curriculum that is LGBTQ friendly. My concern is that once schools allow the flags, it opens the door to the curriculum. They listened to our concerns, and in the end, we started talking about replacing the flag with a new flag that includes everyone.

About a week later, I received an email from the superintendent that the rainbow flag would be replaced with: Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space, For Everyone. 

Tina: How did you feel afterward?

Jessica: We were so relieved that our prayers had been answered! All the things that had been going through my mind about what could go wrong were lifted off my shoulders.

Tina: What words of wisdom do you have for other parents who want to say something but are afraid to?

Jessica: Pray about it. Get some parents and people to come alongside you. Be prepared for some parents to agree with you but be silent on their end. Know that God is in control, and he is your Rock.

Our meeting was without a doubt led by the Holy Spirit. It was God speaking through us to the superintendent and the principal. We need to stand up for the truth for our kids and our communities. Who knows, they may be on your side as well!

Tina: What resources did you use to research before coming forward?

Jessica: is a great resource to use when coming forward with concerns about the LGBTQ agenda in public schools. It is so important to research the topic and do your homework before meeting with the school officials.

Counter Culture Mom believes in the power of grassroots activism.

Jessica’s story is a perfect example of how parents can make a difference in their schools and communities.

  • Get support from other parents.
  • Do your research using tools like
  • Contact school officials and voice your concerns.
  • Offer a solution that benefits all students and promotes family values.
  • Keep communication going with your kids on a daily basis so you know when issues like this are taking place.

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your story and inspiring others to do the same in their communities! You can email Jessica directly @

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  • Karl Priest
    Posted at 14:48h, 06 March Reply

    That mom, and all Christian parents, need to rescue their children. Get them into the safety of home or Christian schools without delay!

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