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Attend the PULSE Movement Sweeping Across the States!

Want to know more about Jesus or deepen your faith? Don’t miss the Pulse Movement coming to the Twin Cities, May 18th at the U.S. Bank Stadium and again in Dallas, Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway on Oct 20-21, 2018. Every event is free and geared towards equipping teens and parents on how to share their faith with others.

This past February, U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN was packed to the brim with football fans eager to see the the New England Patriots duke it out against the Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl 52. Come May 18, this same space will yet again be packed for another event, one just as exciting and even more uplifting and important than the Super Bowl: a “night of music and a message of hope” aimed to change lives by bringing young people closer to Jesus!

Putting on this event is Pulse, a prayer and evangelism movement led by and targeted toward millennials and young adults. Pulse was founded ten years ago by Nick Hall, then a student at North Dakota State University, who felt called to “put Jesus on the pulse of this generation” and help them grow closer to Jesus. Through music, prayer, and empowerment, young men and women can see how Christ moves in their lives and in the world around them.

Susan Harris, Director of Communications for PULSE

The ministry focuses on reaching people ages 18-26, which, according to Director of Communications Susan Harris, carries an added benefit of attracting younger kids as well, who are naturally drawn to what their slightly older peers are into. Harris explains, “We don’t use ‘churchy’ language.” The idea behind Pulse is to bring a fresh and relatable voice to modern day evangelism. All the more reason to attend an event with your teen!

pulse movementHall believes that in today’s divisive climate, Jesus can and will bring us all closer together. Hall knows, as do so many of the young people who’s lives he has impacted, that Jesus is the driving force needed to repair today’s fractured society. An integral part of Hall’s ministry is the RESET movement – the idea that we can hit the “reset” button on ourselves and our lives in order to return to the original design God has for us. Such a simple concept, yet so powerful. By making a choice to turn ourselves over to God, so many positive changes can happen within ourselves and the world around us! Due to our cultural chaos with the genderless movement and LGBT agenda, now more than ever is the time for parents and teens to experience this movement together.

Here is a recent episode of Hollywood Insider, where Counter Culture Mom, Tina Griffin, had a chat with Susan Harris about the mission of Pulse and the response of the attendees who attended one of their live events.

Episode 27: PULSE Movement draws hundreds of thousands of young people to Christ!

(watch video here)

[youtube id=”Xf_QvTymEMo”]


1:00  How founder Nick Hall got a vision for PULSE.
2:08  One of their recent events were shut down because of the huge number of people that showed up.
3:36  Texas Motor Speedway is a huge venue where they can handle a huge crowd. Event will be on October 21-22, 2018.
4:16  No tickets necessary. It’s a FREE event. Check out for more information.
4:39  Susan’s role at PULSE.
5:20  Susan is a mom on the move. Raising two children while working for the Lord.
5:48  Susan’s tips for how moms can get involved in changing a Nation while being mom and wife. Make your family a part of ministry.
8:00  The event is geared for 18-26 year olds. PULSE will help
8:29  Gen Z faith summit from AXIS just came out. You can get the life-time pass by going here:
8:50  Nick Hall’s message of RESET is a message all people can relate to.
10:35  Nick wrote a book called RESET.
11:27  Susan shares some amazing testimonies of people who have attended a PULSE event.
14:04  One last word of encouragement from Susan to people who are ready to wave the white flag.
15:40  When we step forward in faith to do what God’s calling us to do, we will not be able to be complacent.
16:18  How you can support the PULSE movement either in volunteering or financially giving towards this event. They are a non profit.

Following the event in Minnesota, Pulse will be putting on another major event October 20-21, 2018 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX. The venue can hold more than half a million people and the conference, according to their website, “will feature an all-star lineup of speakers, pastors, artists, and leaders from various backgrounds with the aim to promote unity and lift up the name of Jesus.”

If you’re interested in attending an event with your teen, more information can be found by visiting Over the past ten years, Pulse has helped bring over half a million young adults closer to Christ! Let’s get equipped to know how we can engage in the culture and share God’s truth with the people who desperately need it.

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Rachel Rose who is a project manager at a large Chicago company was the contributing writer for this article. She is excited to one day raise a family and be a full-time mom.

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