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Why YOU Need to Pack Your Bags and Join Us at the Mom’s March for America Event!

If you were not represented at the recent women’s march, join us at the Mom’s March for America event and let your voice be heard!

Were you outraged, saddened or speechless when you saw the “women’s march” several months ago in Washington D.C.? Women wearing plastic vaginas, flashing their middle finger in the air and even Madonna’s comment about wanting to blow up the White House couldn’t be further from how the majority of moms in America truly feel.

With the secular media’s disinterest in sharing the values and morals of mothers from coast to coast, Kimberly Fletcher, Founder of Mom’s March for America, wrote down what the Lord impressed upon her heart several months ago after being suddenly awoken in the middle of the night. Her obedience in carrying out the vision God gave her is creating a huge cultural shift – and you can play a part in it! If your voice was not heard at this year’s worldwide protest, I ask you to consider attending the biggest life-changing movement our nation has seen in decades.

Watch and share the following Hollywood Insider episode and then make plans with your other mom friends, pack your bags and head to Omaha, Nebraska this September 23rd. Be encouraged, equipped and prayed over by Godly women like Sarah Palin, Sam Sorbo, Candy Carson, Missy Robertson and myself as we reclaim what the enemy has stolen – life, liberty and happiness! It’s time women unite and let God use us in a way the enemy never thought possible. Let’s show our children how we can take our culture from bankruptcy to blessing through perseverance and God’s guidance.

Episode 20: Celebrate and participate in the biggest cultural movement happening in our nation – the Mom’s March for America.

(watch video here)

[youtube id=”x8wu5EPf1Ts”]


3:16 The mission for Moms March for America. The why and how.
7:10 Why Kimberly believes that RIGHT NOW is the best time for doing the Women’s March.
9:46 When and where the Moms March for America will be taking place.
11:28 How Moms can tune in live from their homes if they can’t physically make it to the event.
12:34 All the speakers that will be at the event and the topics that will be addressed.
14:33 How Kimberly went from God’s vision to making it happen in real life.
18:12 Ticket prices. VERY reasonable!
19:11 Kimberly’s prayerful outcome after the event concludes.
22:35 What we can do to help Kimberly promote this event.
24:16 Quick simple steps to sign the DECLARATION OF MOTHERS.
24:52 Kimberly shares about the new women’s speakers bureau she is starting.
28:00 How moms can tune in the day of the event to watch the live feed online.
28:43 How we as mothers can use our gifts to create change in our culture on a daily basis.
32:57 Moms are afraid to speak up because they don’t want others to think they are haters. Kimberly’s advice on this.
36:38 How we can give financially to the Moms March of America.
38:52 Where people can go to volunteer for the event itself.
41:58 Challenge of the week. SHARE about this event and SHARE this video!
42:41 How to connect with The Counter Culture Mom.
42:55 Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Text the word ALERT to the number 444999.

If you want to use the voice God gave you and unite with other mothers in America who want to play a major role in getting this country back on track, come to this event. The time is now to get equipped on how we can be affective mothers in our home in order to raise counter culture warriors of tomorrow. As Kimberly Fletcher states, “This is not a march walking down the street, shouting and carrying signs. This is a Cultural March; a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America – the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities and shape our nation.”

The time is now… I will see you there.

Don’t forget to sign your Declaration of Mothers and join the millions of other moms who are taking a stand and using their voice to create positive change in our culture. You are not alone.

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THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Find a sitter. Grab some girlfriends. Enter in Omaha, Nebraska as your GPS destination and drive! Let’s get equipped and encouraged as we together use our voices to regain morals and compassion for a country we dearly love all for the sake of the people who need us the most – our kids.

Question: Who is God leading you to bring with you to the Mom’s March for America event? Share your answer by clicking here!

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