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vacuumed packed models

Vacuumed Packed Models – Complete Madness?

The dangers of being a runway model exist. Vacuumed packed models are the newest trend for fashion shows. Is it cleaver or freakish?

I think I’ve seen it all and yet once again, I find my jaw hitting the ground with this discovery. I have done several runway modeling shows in LA and NY. From strutting down the catwalk in bridal wedding gowns to revealing the upcoming Miss America pageant dresses. Yet, I never imagined there would come a day where I would see models vacuum-packed in plastic bags hanging from the rafters at a high end fashion show! Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

vacuumed packed models

Tina modeling wedding dresses at a high end Beverly Hills fashion show.

Fashionista Iris van Herpen created a runway production in Paris this past spring which captivated some people and disturbed others. Her rendition of the “biopiracy” show featured models who were standing inside plastic bags and as the show progressed, the oxygen was sucked out of these bags to give the tightly sealed look which you see here.

Herpen’s strategy was to make people question who really owns our bodies. Regardless of her objective, to me this rendition portrays what I’ve been seeing in the media for years. A majority of the time, women are seen as a piece of meat.

Our bodies looked upon as nothing more than our physical appearance and how we can physically please men. Usually our personalities, characteristics and talents are hardly exemplified in mass media. For Herpen to hang women like a piece of meat on the runway is freakishly accurate.

Here is a short clip covering the Paris fashion show.

[vimeo id=”88688582″]

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  • Sharon
    Posted at 10:52h, 13 June Reply

    Our art seems to be going to the dogs, the uglier the better. This is ugly, reminds one of suffocating women, which is what they do society suffocates what they have to say and do. Testosterone rules the world that is why we still have wars.

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