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I try not to pound out the fundraising aspect of the ministry more than a couple times a year… if that. Our team created a budget that we need for 2020 not only to sustain what we have been doing but to include upcoming expenses for the killer projects that will benefit you and your family. Here is our 2019 IMPACT REPORT which breaks down how funds were used this past year and what our major plans are for 2020.

After doing the math, I was floored to find out that if everyone who used this app donated $5 a month to the Counter Culture Mom missionwe would HAVE ALL FUNDING NEEDED FOR 2020! That’s it! $5 a month! If you want to donate more, that would be fantastic! We are a non profit under the Capstone Legacy Foundation and this would be a tax deduction for you.

NONE of this funding goes into my pocket personally. I do not take a salary for the 30-40 hours of work I pump into this mission every week. I believe in what we are doing and have been on this mission for almost 18 years. We have a 40 page single-spaced document filled with positive results from sharing this message over the years. From suicide plans adverted, teens saving sex until marriage, cutting victims getting counseling, to youth deciding to create positive media for their own generation and thensome.  All funding goes straight to our non profit where we allocate the funds for our business expenses, employees salaries, design work, etc.

This financial investment you’re making will come right back to you TEN FOLD in research, resources, app updates, pop culture alerts, videos, etc that will greatly benefit you and your family! The neat thing about this ministry is that you get to SEE the investment actually benefit your household personally! I’m honored to help you see that transpire.



If we can feed positive, God-honoring media to our children, they will have a healthy media diet building a solid Biblical foundation that will last a lifetime. They will learn His truth, shape a world-view which supports scripture, and the result will be counter culture children moving out of the home after high school graduation.

Hollywood hogwash will be easily deciphered among our kids and they will not waver on WHO they are and WHO’S they are because of the horrible content leading them astray during the most important developmental years of their lives.

We have many exciting things in the works for 2020. We can’t do it unless the funding comes in. If everyone gave something…we would have this beast of a goal reached in the next week!



~ Counter Culture Mom, Tina Griffin


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