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The Top Benefits of Having Your Kids Get Involved in the Arts!

Do you want your kids to develop their communication, creativity and leadership skills? Enroll them in the arts, like a summer theater class!

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is theater expert Jo Beth Nicklas – CEO of Much Ado Studios. states, “Students who are involved in the arts have a higher school motivation, engagement in class, self-esteem and life satisfaction, researchers discovered.” The more we get our kids involved in the arts the less of a chance they will partake in harmful activities.

Episode FIVE – Learn why it’s important to have your kids get involved in the arts!

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 2:44 What is Much Ado Studios and how did you come up with the name?
 3:34 The reason Jo Beth started Much Ado Studios and how long she’s had it.
 5:06 The difference between the high school classes and her studio classes for kids.
 6:18 The benefits of being involved in the arts or other extracurricular activities.
 8:59 How Jo Beth picks their upcoming shows and why she only chooses clean scripts.
 11:15 Benefits Tina knows comes from being involved with theater.
 12:36 Jo Beth lists off the many benefits of kids being involved in theater productions.
 15:29 The classes are broken down according to different aspects of production. Acting, set design, etc.
 16:22 The summer classes help kids learn to be spontaneous and raise their confidence level!
 18:06 Kids lives were changed in dramatic ways after taking Jo Beth’s class.
 20:44 No matter what career you are in, these classes will benefit ANYONE!
 23:49 Kids remember the fun times doing the arts during their growing up years.
 24:55 Info on where and when you can go watch these kids perform.
 27:25 Jo Beth loves giving back to the next generation and encourages us to do the same!
 29:21 Jo Beth gives credit to all the people who’ve encouraged her to pursue her dreams.
 32:15 Ticket information to come see the shows!
 33:07 The steps you can take to set up your own studio or personally volunteer for Jo Beth.
 35:50 The cost for enrolling in the classes and deals offered at Much Ado Studios.
 41:18 Registration process for signing your kids up for Jo Beth’s classes.
 42:23 Ways to give to Much Ado Studios and their mission.
 43:35 Ways to contact Jo Beth via email, phone or Facebook.
 44:44 Jo Beth shares about her beautiful family.
 46:15 How Jo Beth’s parents were supportive of her interests as a child and helped nurture that.
 48:30 The importance of doing what you can do with the resources you have to help others.
 49:38 Our job as parents is to help guide our kids in discovering what they are good at.
 50:36 The importance of listening to the still small voice.
 54:11 Conclusion

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artsCONTACT: If you have any questions regarding Much Ado Studios or want to sign your kids up for summer classes, click here: Much Ado Studios

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Enroll your kids in a summer theater class and help them use their creativity to produce a show you all will be proud of! An added bonus is that our kids will learn communication skills, design skills, and gain confidence while being involved in something bigger than themselves!

Question: What are some neat things you’ve learned through the process of being involved in the arts? Share your stories by clicking here!

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