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The Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to be Givers This Christmas!

Let’s teach our kids the importance of being givers this Holiday season. Our kids will become others-focused not self-focused.

With Christmas commercials galore, we can become absorbed with focusing on what we can get for ourselves during the Holidays instead of focusing on others. I have to admit, the lightning deals on Amazon can be quite addicting! Yes, it’s nice to send out Christmas cards and gifts to our kids’ teachers, babysitters or anyone else that takes care of our families throughout the year. However, I’m challenging all of us to go deeper this season and help people whom we may never meet.

My husband and I recently set a goal for our family to give sacrificially this Christmas. We wanted our kids to know that there are children who never decorate a Christmas tree, experience hot chocolate or unwrap beautiful gifts on Christmas morning. Kids need to see the importance of giving to those less fortunate. There are so many ways to give to others, which can be done through the giving of our time or giving financially. Kids become excited to be part of the action and see the transformation in other people’s lives when we help others.

How much can you give this Christmas season to people who are in desperate need?

The possibilities are endless as to what organizations and causes you can donate to. Author, speaker Randy Alcorn created a detailed quick questionnaire to help families discover what charity would be the best option for them to donate to. You can print this form off here to narrow down your choices. The next step is to pray and talk over your options with your spouse and then discuss the top choices with your kids. We recently shared with our munchkins the different needs of children around the globe and asked if they would like to donate part of their Christmas budget to those who are less fortunate. All four kids quickly squealed with delight at the thought of giving to others. Our specific charity that we chose this year was Voice of the Martyrs.

giversVOM has $25 backpacks available for purchase that are filled with an illustrated children’s Bible, other Christian literature, schooling supplies, toys, and toiletries. Once you purchase them online, each backpack is distributed to a child from one of 68 countries around the globe. The reason we chose this organization is because these kids come from families who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ – some to the point of death. ALL of these children are living in very hostile environments that persecute anyone having a Christian faith.

It also creates others-focused children instead of self-centered children. If you want to have a counter-culture way of thinking during Christmas this year, pick a top charity or two to give to and watch God work in your lives! You can get more information on Voice of the Martyrs backpacks by going HERE. Learn more about their mission to help the persecuted church by going here.

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THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Have a quick family meeting with a couple of options on what organizations you can give to and have your kids help pick which ones to partner with!

Question: What cause has your family decided to donate to this Christmas? Share your answer by clicking here.


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