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self control not birth control

Self Control Not Birth Control

Teens are being told they don’t have the will power to wait for sex until marriage and they should just pop a birth control pill. Many teens disagree.

Last spring as I was driving to a school to present my Hollywood Exposed seminar to a large group of eager-to-learn students, a wild thought entered my mind. The world today has a way of saying “just pop a pill” and all of your problems and worries disappear. Our young people today are constantly being told, just take a birth control pill so you won’t get pregnant. Even worse, they are told to take a “morning after” pill, which essentially is an abortion pill and if pregnant, would kill new life. Young women suffer a lifetime of guilt and shame because of this simple “just take a pill” mentality.

IMG_1791 2Therefore, I created a shirt last month to help expose this pop-a-pill lie. The front reads “Self CONTROL not birth control” and the back says, “Honor your future spouse.” Not knowing if teens would “get” my message or want to wear this message, I took the chance and got them designed and printed. To my surprise ALL the shirts went this past weekend when I spoke at Young Christians’ Weekend in Silver Dollar City. I actually have a back order for them. I’m so EXCITED to see our youth take a stand and wear a conversation starter shirt that can save lives in the process. Way to go teens!

You can find conversation starter merchandise on my store. Let’s expose the lies and reveal truth.

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