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Why Do We Care About Celebrity Opinion?

Someone somewhere gave credence to celebrity opinion and now everything from concerts to award shows becomes a platform for a celebrity to endorse something. Why do people give celebrities so much authority? Just because someone is famous does not mean they are qualified to deliver an intelligent position on an issue.

A recent article by Dr. Michael Brown on Movieguide helps clarify. Dr. Brown says that acting talent is just that:

“…none of this qualifies them to be moral authorities, and we should pay no more attention to their opinions than to the opinions of our neighbor next door.”

He goes on to suggest,

“The fact is, they are as human as the rest of us and certainly, just as flawed. And while we can appreciate the fine people who are in Hollywood and be thrilled to see a powerful, godly, moral witness that is emerging, let’s stay real. Hollywood has made billions of dollars on immorality and violence, on mocking God and demeaning people of faith, on sending mixed and even perverted messages. It’s time that Hollywood preaches to itself.”


Teach children to think for themselves and use Truth as their guide.

For the full article, go to Movieguide.

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