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Why Dads Are so Important for Child Development

Dads are so important for child development and you may be reading that first line thinking, yes, we know that. However, our popular culture would like us to believe that two moms or two dads or even single parents are just fine. This article by Dr. Rob Palkovitz highlights the “ABC of Fatherhood.”

A = Affective climate. In other words, the sense of love from a father being present and attentive in a child’s life. Creates secure attachments and positive modeling for boys. So needed!

B = Behavior. When dads behave as involved parents, their children tend to have fewer behavioral problems, better peer relationships, less drug use and meaningless sex as they grow older.

C = Connection. A father who is connected to his children and can read their moods will raise children who develop empathy, evaluation, planning, and decision-making skills.

While this is a brief summary, the full article is a great read to counter those who say a traditional nuclear family with a mother and a father is not necessary. Research says it is! Click here to read more.

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