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TRUTH: Abortion Marketing to Kids Through the Lies of Sex Ed

An article on Lifenews reveals the intended abortion marketing tactic of using sex education to “sell abortions” as told by a former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett.

Why does pop culture promote promiscuity? Why do schools keep giving kids sex “education” at younger ages?

Former abortion clinic owner, Carol Everett explained the strategy to LifeNews:

“Our goal was 3-5 abortions between the ages of 13-18. But you can’t go to them at the age of 12 and tell them ‘I want you to get pregnant next year…You have to break down the natural modesty, separate them from their parent’s values and you have to become an expert (sexpert) in their life…”

Everett is not the only one exposing the lies of the abortion industry. Read the full story on as well as the story of Monica Cline.

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