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No Feet? No Problem! Amy Purdy Inspires Us All.

Seeing Amy Purdy, who has NO LEGS, compete in Dancing with the Stars reminds me that anything is possible if we work hard and stay positive.

I tear up every time I see Amy Purdy on the dance floor! How in the world does a person dance the quick step without any feet? She makes me realize my problems are petty compared to what she’s had to overcome in her short lifetime. When Amy was just 19 years old she was sick with what she thought was the flu but was told at a hospital that she had a 2% chance of survival! She had contracted bacterial meningitis and as a result she had both legs amputated just below the knee. I have a friend who lost one of her twins from this very deadly disease.

Amy could have given up. Amy could have let her physical ailments stop her from achieving the life God wanted her to live. BUT SHE DIDN’T! Amy chose to rise above her circumstances and do things people never even fathomed. Amy has been a world-wide inspiration because she decided to not give up. Since her major life change, Amy won a bronze medal at the first ever Paralympic snowboarding event. She has used her prosthetics in ways doctors had never imagined before while gracefully gliding across the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dance floor. Amy’s balance on her legs and feet while doing intricate moves with such precision is nothing short of a miracle.

Check out Derek and Amy’s tango on week 8 here.

[youtube id=”NzNEkA1-geQ”]

If you are stuck in a rut, wanting to wave the white flag, just remember – you don’t grow and become all that you were intended to be if you raise that flag. Keep plugging away, give it your all, cross that finish line and you will not only become a better version of yourself, but you will also help many others do the same. Amy, I wish you all the best as you compete in the finals for ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ May we never let our obstacles define us.

Question:  What obstacle have you overcome in life that made you a stronger person? You can leave your comments by clicking here.

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