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Moving Past Your Mistakes

Many people believe their identity comes from the mistakes they’ve done in the past. NOT true! Learning from the past helps you build character.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be married to myself. My husband Luke is married to a motivational speaker who loves to talk. A blessing and curse all at the same time. In the past week we have had some great conversations about looking at the positives in life, being grateful for what we have, and always striving to be better. Therefore, besides talking about current pop culture issues or highlighting a good TV show or movie of the week, it’s important to address the main issue in a person’s life today – their IDENTITY! So much of what I talk on incorporates having the wrong perception of one’s identity.

Many people tell me, “Tina, it’s too late. I already messed up.” The sad thing is, some have been harboring their grief and resentment for decades. I think it’s imperative that we take a close look at this statement. Without failure, we live a life that’s less fulfilling. God uses these failures in our life to reveal himself and help us grow into a stronger, more mature person. The last thing I want to face when I leave this Earth is that I regret not living fully. When we “mess up” or make a wrong decision, it gives us the chance to change, ask for forgiveness, develop our character and establish a greater vision and focus for our lives.


Get back in the game.

The statements I remember hearing as a kid were, “Try, and if you don’t succeed, try again.” and “It’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.” It’s been ingrained in my heart and mind and I love informing our next generation that you are NOT the mistakes you have made in the past. You are not what you’ve done last year, last month or event last night! ¬†You can have a fresh start, a new beginning and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

By allowing ourselves to look at what we need to change, it gives us the opportunity to help others who might be struggling with the same issue or in many cases, to literally save a life. When we seek the help we need from whatever addiction or issue we are struggling with, we will find freedom, healing and realize that our identity is not in our circumstances but in who we were created to be. That, my friends, is true freedom.

Question: What past mistake have you shared with others to encourage, challenge and motivate them to find freedom from it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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