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How we can help STOP sex trafficking!

Sex trafficking is the second largest organized crime in America. Learn what steps you can take to help stop it, rescue victims and get others involved.

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie​. Our guest today is Mindy Summers​ Founder of SoLoved and also a board member of the Lake of the Ozarks Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. Her mission? To help raise awareness of the huge issue of sex trafficking in America and how we can personally help the victims.

Episode ONE – How we can help STOP sex trafficking!

(watch video here)

[youtube id=”CV0w4vdAmOA”]


 1:00 mission Mindy is on and her background
 3:14 sex trafficking definition
 4:14 research on traffickers and how their past can cause them to harm others today
 5:20 why sex trafficking has become so enormous of and issue and why we are so desensitized to it
 8:00 Lake of the Ozarks story of kidnapping and sex trafficking in our area
 9:30 how sex trafficking is such a huge issue and how we can get involved personally to help out
 10:48 who lures these young men and women and what the warning signs are
 15:30 Mindy got started while being a mom of three young children
 17:22 Mindy breaks down the steps she took to get involved in rescuing people from sex trafficking
 20:50 Mindy tells us how we can raise awareness on sex trafficking in our communities
 26:29 what we can do personally to help with this huge issue
 28:00 educate yourself with reliable sources. Mindy shows some movies and books on what we need to get
 31:58 ways we can donate to Mindy’s ministry called So Loved
 33:00 Mindy shares stories of people she’s helped rescue from sex trafficking
 36:30 Helpline for National Human Trafficking if you see something suspicious - 1888-373-7888.
 39:09 We all want to do something to make a difference. It comes down to the “little things.”
 41:20 What to do when you’re not sure what to do next or don’t know the next step to take.
 41:19 Teaming up to grow the Kingdom of God.

I was reminded that it’s not just about being a prayer warrior or church attender but ACTIVELY getting involved in living out the word of God. What an exciting life to live!

Nefarious Merchant of Souls Documentary
Nightlight International
Project Rescue
Free International
Exodus Cry

Girls like us
Beyond the Soiled Curtain
Scars and Stilettos

sex traffickingCONTACT:
To volunteer, donate goods or give financially to Mindy’s SoLoved mission, email her @

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: If sex trafficking is something God is tugging at your heart to get involved with, look for a local organization fighting this terrible crime and volunteer. If one doesn’t exist, start one! God will open the doors, provide the funding and the people to do the mission with you!

Question: What other books, websites and tips do you know about that would help us fight sex trafficking? Share your thoughts by clicking here!




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  • Glenn Miller
    Posted at 15:40h, 12 April Reply

    The organization that I feel is doing the most to end human trafficking worldwide is Shared Hope International. website I have support them for a number of years. They have restoration homes of Hope in Asia countries for rescued children to heal and grow. This organizational I believe does more and is better and should be promoted and funded before Intl Justice Mission.

    • Tina Marie Griffin
      Posted at 11:29h, 16 May Reply

      Thank you for your information! I will look into this organization! Thank you for taking an active role in stopping sex trafficking!

    • Tina Marie Griffin
      Posted at 13:21h, 26 July Reply


      So great hearing from you! I am adding this ministry on my list of guests for Hollywood Insider! Thank you for your message on this! Glad to know there are people fighting for justice still today!

  • Ann Strawn
    Posted at 19:08h, 06 February Reply

    I am touched by your organization and would like to know more and perhaps get involved in Dallas TX .
    Thanks and may God bless your endeavors .

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