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How to Teach Your Kids Apologetics, So They Can Rise Above the Lies!

Answers in Genesis provides answers to questions about the Bible regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.

Wondering how in the world you will be able to raise God-fearing children in today’s cultural chaos? On HOLLYWOOD INSIDER this week, we have guest Dr. Georgia Purdom a Molecular Geneticist from Answers in Genesis. She will be talking about AIG’s first anniversary of The Ark Encounter, all the resources available for parents to teach a solid biblical foundation to their kids and the importance of homeschooling!

Episode 13 – How to teach our kids apologetics, biblical authority and the truthfulness of God’s Word so they can rise above all the deception in today’s culture.

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2:23 The mission of Answers in Genesis and what Dr. Georgia Purdom’s role is with this ministry.
6:02 AIG teaches how to defend your faith - apologetics.
7:46 Description of the Answers Research Journal and Creation Research Science Quarterly.
9:09 Answers News - Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge and Georgia Purdom on FB live and on YouTube channel talking about culture with Biblical point of view
10:42 Religion VS. Science. This isn’t an either or…God CREATED science. How we can teach truth to our kids when they are fed lies daily (i.e.: evolution)
17:00 How Dr. Purdom decided that homeschooling was the right option for her daughter!
21:00 Many moms feel pressure to have to
21:57 AIG’s many resources to help equip parents on teaching Godly principals to their children from toddlers to adults!
25:48 The TOP DVDs that are the most popular for kids!
27:30 The Answers Magazine - topics addressed and cost
30:30 The Creation Museum - an EXCELLENT place to take your family! Block off two days to see it all.
32:02 The Ark Encounter - new exhibits, go inside the ark and take a tour. It will take a full day to check it out.
34:03 Package price available for families who want to go to both the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter.
36:01 Dr. Georgia Purdom has an invested interest in telling women what Genesis has to say to them. Information about the Answers for Women Conference.
39:33 All the available speakers for Answers in Genesis and how to book them for an event.
40:54 Last words of advice from Dr. Purdom. Don’t be overwhelmed but be confident in your faith and build confidence in your kids!
41:51 Share this video on social media. Challenge of the week: check out what your kids are watching, reading and hearing. Get resources from Answers in Genesis.
43:03 Check out all the helpful links surrounding this video.
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apologeticsHELPFUL LINKS:
Answers in Genesis website
Answers in Genesis FB page
Ark Encounter website
Ark Encounter FB page
Creation Museum website
Creation Museum FB page
2018 Answers for Women conference
Speakers available from AIG


apologeticsMonthly specials from Answers in Genesis
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Answers Magazine
Answers in Genesis bookstore

Connect with Dr. Georgia Purdom:
Dr. Purdom’s Biography on Answers in Genesis
Facebook Page



THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Check out Answers in Genesis and all the DVDs, books and magazines they have for your kids! Better yet, take them on a summer trip to the Creation Museum or the Ark Encounter! Help them build a solid foundation on who they are in Christ and understand biblical truth from Genesis to Revelation!


Question: What part of teaching your children about the Lord has been the most challenging or difficult? What has been the most rewarding? Share your thoughts by clicking here!

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