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Gender Dysphoria – Are Children Born Male and Female?

by Lee Ann Mancini

In today’s society, gender dysphoria implies that gender lines are blurred—or worse, intentionally changed. In growing numbers, parents are allowing their underage children to decide what their gender is or should be. Dr. Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. addresses this alarming trend in his book titled “Why Gender Matters.”

Gender dysphoria deception

In his book, Dr. Sax uses scientific evidence to prove to parents that God created male and female minds differently. Dr. Sax writes,

“Today we know that innate differences between girls and boys are profound…. Girls and boys behave differently because their brains are wired differently.”

For those parents who might be tempted to think that the minds of straight and gay men differ, Dr. Sax instead concludes,

“the brains of gay men are indistinguishable from the brains of straight men, and the brains of both gay men and straight men differ in the same way from the brains of women.”

Gender dysphoria defined

“Gender dysphoria” is a term that describes a person who no longer identifies with their biological sex. I think this definition is very revealing. The person no longer recognizes that they were born male or female. However, Jesus unambiguously states, “Haven’t you read … that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female?” (Matthew 19:4). Why did the Creator make human beings both male and female? He made them to fulfill His command to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28)!

Gender politics

Homosexuality and transgenderism are politically charged topics in our society. But God calls both of them sinful, plain and simple. Homosexuality and transgenderism are sinful desires that must be controlled and mastered – just as alcoholism and drug addiction are sinful desires that must be controlled and mastered.

Certainly, we must show love and compassion to those who are tempted by homosexuality and gender dysphoria. We must love the sinner in hopes of bringing them to salvation in Christ! After all, Jesus said that if anyone will believe in Him and confess faith in Him, they shall be saved. There are no exceptions! But still, we would be wrong to endorse sinful behavior—especially in our own children.

Gender truth

Many parents today think that children who identify as gay or transgender are simply “born that way.” As a result, they are willing to support their children in a homosexual or transgender lifestyle. But Christian parents must hold fast to what God has clearly established in His Word. We need to help our children understand who God created them to be. Let your boys play with trucks and wear blue-colored clothes! Let your girls play with dolls and wear pink-colored clothes!

Help your children embrace the gender with which they were born, but at the same time, teach them to love those who are not fortunate enough to have been raised with biblical beliefs. Remember that hate fosters division while love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).

For adults, please watch Faith to Live By with Rev. Pamela Christian, Transgender Deception with Walt Heyer, Part 1  With the help of the Lord, Walt Heyer has overcome and now lives the life God intended him to live.

Praise our Lord!

Lee Ann Mancini is the award-winning children’s author, publisher, and executive producer of the Sea Kids books and TV series. She is a renowned speaker and Bible college professor whose passion is to help parents raise their children to have a strong foundation in Jesus. 


  • Pamela Christian
    Posted at 17:01h, 07 March Reply

    Good article Lee Ann! Thank you for courageously addressing this serious issue. I pray my interview with Walt along with your article will help people develop a proper compassion to help, and not judge. We are all born sinners, estranged from God, caught up in a life that is contrary to God’s best for us. Each one of us who has found redemption through faith in Christ, came from the same sin origin. Not one of us has the rightful ability to judge others. Yet, we all need redemption which gratefully God has provided through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Redemption and freedom from any and all sin is available for those who place their faith in Jesus. Hope exists for all of us regardless what expression of sin we have lived in. Our hope is Jesus.

    • Lee Ann Mancini
      Posted at 15:15h, 29 June Reply

      Thank you, Pam, so sorry for my late reply! Wise words from you!

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