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Why Americans Need to Break up with Facebook

Facebook is continually embroiled in some controversy or another, whether it’s censoring too much or not censoring enough, they will never get it right. The reliance the American public places on Facebook is embarrassing.

Does anyone remember what interpersonal connections were like before Facebook?

A recent article in The Guardian has a little something to say about Facebook and the role its played in politics and social issues:

“Will Facebook be used to subvert the 2020 US presidential election? Yes. Will Facebook be held to account? No. Are we looking at a system shock that will change America for ever? Yes. Because Trump will either win this election using Facebook or he will lose it using Facebook. Both ways spell disaster.

America, the idea of America, is on the brink. And at the cold, dead heart of the suicide mission it has set itself on, is Facebook. Facebook and America are now indivisible. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, these are now the bloodstream of American life and politics. A bloodstream that is sick.”

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