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Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood

A poem to encourage Hollywood to “do the right thing” for the sake of our children so that they can achieve the best not believe a lie.

While we sit at the table

eating our gigantic feast,

Besides praying for friends and family

let’s pray for the major Beast.


This Beast we call Hollywood

that strives to create mayhem,

In our homes, in our schools

even our little kid’s playpen.


Thank you Hollywood for promoting STDs

and other disease,

For our future generation

in this great nation.


Thank you Kanye West

for giving your best,

Singing your drugged up lyrics to all

and not helping kids out when they fall.


Dear Miley Cyrus

you’re like a bad virus,

Suspenders for a shirt

my 2-year-old can twerk.


Miss Nikki Minaj

with your “Anaconda,”

I don’t – want – none – of your

naked – buns — HUN!


I used to ask actors

how they could sleep at night,

Knowing what they were doing

just wasn’t right.


Many told me “Tina,

it’s just a paycheck.

Parents gotta do their part

to keep their families from this train wreck.”


Kim K’s “artsy” shots that

“broke the internet,”

Literally is complete porn

I just want to mourn.


Our kids deserve better

than the low standards celebs set,

They protect their kids from harm

yet make $$$ for their jet.


So this Thanksgiving

let’s give a shout out!

Dear Hollywood,

here’s what we’re all about!


We want our kids to be free

free from disease, guilt and shame,

Help us raise the youth of America

to leave a legacy – not play your game.


So thank you in advance

for giving us what we need,

Media that promotes the positive

for our future leaders, yes indeed.


The very same kids you teach

to hook up, do drugs and sext,

Will want to date your daughter

wait, you’ll see, oh yes – what next!


So I give you a different picture

I know it’s new to you,

But imagine the possibilities

When you do what you should do.


Promote life, love and happiness

in every major role,

in the movies, shows, songs & games

THIS should be your goal.


So thank you in advance

for taking this to heart,

We’ve covered little eyes long enough

now YOU do your part.




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