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Ashton Kutcher Says THIS is What’s Sexy

Ashton Kutcher believes that hard work and intelligence are the keys to success. Yet, his roles portray behaviors that lead to destruction and disease.


Throughout the year I get some intriguing emails from parents and kids ranging from “I need some advice for a friend contemplating suicide.” to “You HAVE to add this to your show.” Well, recently I got such an email. A young adult emailed me a clip from Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards last year and told me it was a must see. Seeing this immediately reminded me of the lifestyles I saw celebrities live on a daily basis while working next to them on set.

Kutcher gives a four minute synopsis of the importance of hard work and not taking anything for granted. That people should not base their success on appearance, but intelligence. Now I have to admit, Kutcher has the looks and brains and I’m so happy a major well-known and well-liked star gave this advice. Here it is.

Hopefully this will make his millions of  fans think twice about what life is all about. However, I wish he would take his own advice and say adios to his $750,000 pay check per episode on “Two and a Half Men.” He is the highest paid US TV star. It’s not his title or the salary that is shocking to me. It’s the fact that he’s making all of this money on a show that promotes a lifestyle that’s completely opposite of what he claims is important.

What our society desperately needs is a positive role model for our teens to follow that lives out what he believes. I’m hoping Ashton will watch his own acceptance speech and make some drastic changes in his career choices in 2014! Can you imagine the impact that would have on the world? People respect Ashton and if he would take roles that demonstrated his mantra, everyone would benefit as a result.

For more info on his paycheck, click here.

Question:  What do you think about actors who have a double standard?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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