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21 million teens

21 Million Teens – 21 Million Reasons

21 million teens live in America today! Many of them are basing their identity on a very skewed worldview. Partner with us to save lives & instill hope!

One student after a recent high school assembly, put her razor blade down on her guidance counselor’s desk and said, “I guess I won’t be needing this anymore!”

Another teen started a self-injury help group for fellow hurting classmates.

A young girl broke up with her abusive boyfriend and is now heading to an all expenses paid college program for nursing!

A young life was spared 24 hours before he was planning to take his own life! There was a suicide note already written with detailed plans on how he wanted to carry it out.

A high school girl planning on going to college, is now majoring in marketing so she can create positive advertising to replace the negative.

Another student said she is done playing Grand Theft Auto because of how negative she felt afterwards!

Countless teens have proclaimed they are going to stop being embarrassed about who they are and embrace their gifts, talents and looks instead of trying to be someone they are not. Help us reach the rest of the 21 million youth in America!

Because of YOU, these are just some of the countless stories that have come in just this past year alone! Here are two quotes I recently received from students on how their lives have been impacted by the Hollywood Exposed presentation.

“I agree that there is so much negativity in our lives that we start portraying a negative attitude towards a lot of things. Tina was a voice of hope to kids that cut, have depression, have thoughts of suicide, girls that struggle with anorexia & bulimia, girls that never feel good enough etc. & I can only hope to one day be an inspiration & share Gods love & grace like she did today.” – high school student

“Like you said, we need to come together as a nation and stop the bullying, violence and take pride in what we believe in and to be true to ourself. Not let people influence you into using drugs, having sex before marriage and drinking alcohol and also playing violent video games. We should be a good influence to those who are struggling and be good role models. Thank you Tina for what you did for me.” – middle school student

I am on fire to teach teens their value and potential and to be who they were created to be. If they can grasp onto that, they will be too busy helping others in need and using their talents to save lives to care about what hot TV show is coming out this next season. As I look back over the 11 years of reaching lost and hurting teens, I am reminded that none of this would have been possible without the love, support, prayers and finances that you have graciously given. Over the years, teens have contacted me asking how they can now do what I do. They want to go out and spread this message that our identity does not come from Hollywood, but from God. My plan is to multiply myself and expedite the spreading of this message over the next two years.

As 2014 comes to a close, I would like to invite you to personally stand with me to equip our next generation to grasp who they are in Christ and to live boldly for Him. Equip them to be His culture warriors in world where entertainment and friends are saying you can have sex with anyone you want at any time, do drugs, drink and sext, the sky is the limit. However evidence shows that the consequences are deadly. When teens hear the Hollywood Exposed show, God works on their heart with the truth that is portrayed in a way that challenges and changes their worldview. A worldview in which kids are using the Genderbread Person as a way to pick their own sexual identity preference!

21 million teens

The “new” metrosexual jargon used in schools/culture today.

This past year over 20 churches, school assemblies, youth conferences and a state wide counselor conference occurred because of your involvement. We’d like to invite you to make a tax-deductible gift to the Tina Marie Live! foundation and help us reach the 21 million teens in our country. We have a $50,000 end-of-the-year goal to make this happen. The soul purpose of this foundation is to sponsor under-funded schools and events so that more teens experience life-changing stories like the ones shared above. Thank you for helping us impact lives and create change in our culture!


Tina Griffin


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