Britney and Beyonce’ Promote Sex and Cause Cutting In Their Latest Shenanigans

How celebrity influence can greatly effect young girls

Britney and Beyonce’ influence their fans to engage in extra-marital sex and cutting. Two lost women that Satan is using to deceive the masses.

Britney and Beyonce'

Sad to say, this is all I can show of the featured image this week. Nothing left to the imagination anymore.

It’s been a wild week of Hollywood chaos. Britney’s new Slumber Party video promoting girl-on-girl action has over 11 million views in less than 48 hours. That means there’s a good chance someone you know (maybe a child) has been influenced by her motives. There are several messages she gives to young girls that are very damaging. First, a girl watching this would feel less sexy or attractive if her body doesn’t match up to what Britney’s body looks like.

I’ve been on set hundreds of times and I can tell you that many, many hours go into doing someone’s hair, makeup and wardrobe. Seeing Britney in a skimpy, red dress with sexy high heels and dancing like a stripper, would make anyone – including myself – feel less than perfect. However, dressing like this for your husband – not a problem, no consequences. Dressing like this for anyone outside of marriage will cause great strife.

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It’s Not About Trump, It’s About US!

How can we better our country and our communities?

How can we make a difference in our families and our communities? It’s not all about Trump! Here are 5 things we can do to become UNITED once and for all.


What an election year. Everyone having different views, but all of us playing a part. After leaving the polls with my four kids, I just sat in my truck and prayed. I prayed God would unite us as a nation regardless of the results. I prayed God would protect his people and protect our country during and after the election. I prayed that all Americans would unite and be the best people we could be so we can lead our children by example. Regardless of who we voted for, we ALL want the best for our kids. Now that the election has ended, what can we do to help unify this country and heal our land?

Here are the top FIVE things you can do to unify our country!

  • God has us here for this specific time in history for His purpose! If you we are a Trump supporter, show those whose candidate lost that you are NOT hateful, racist, envious, and that we will succeed together! Show them who God is and what He looks like!

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Minecraft Has Sex Mods Via YouTube

Top five ways to keep your kids safe on electronic devices

Minecraft has sex mods in the YouTube videos. Gamers add code and upload these horrific scenes for our kids to stumble upon. Here’s what you can do!


After receiving several emails asking about Minecraft having Sex Mods in their games, I had to do the research and pray this was a huge scam. My boys play Minecraft. It’s one of the few games left on my “squeaky clean” list. This list was getting shorter and shorter by the minute and I would NOT be happy if I had to erase one more beloved family game from the list.

Sure enough, when I googled Minecraft Sex Mod, the image above with pages of other sex mod video options popped right up. Mods are unofficial modified bits of game code created by players themselves.

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