What led to American Idol Trent Harmon’s success!

Eye-opening interview with Cindy & Randi-Kathryn Harmon

Trent Harmon’s family reveal what attributed to Trent winning the American Idol title. Follow these tips & you will do things you never thought possible. “Is this really happening?” was the reoccurring statement throughout the weekend for my friend Mary and I. After speaking at the Activate Student Conference at Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Mississippi, […]

Satan clubs emerging at elementary schools this fall!

Debunking the lie of separation of church and state

When news broke that satan clubs were coming to elementary schools this fall across our beloved nation, I had to reread the headlines. Is this the same country I grew up in as a child? After doing some research on Doug Mesner, who is one of the co-founders of the Satanic Temple and is actively pushing […]


I walked out of a movie and it felt great!

What to do when you're in an uncomfortable situation.

You’re at the theater with your kids excited to see the much anticipated movie with pop corn in hand. You did your research. The trailer looked awesome. The ratings were good. But what do you do when things go south FAST! Well, this past week we were in this very predicament. The movie “The Secret Life […]

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Resurrect your dreams!

Do something WILD this week!

Have you ever felt like you’ve missed your opportunity to pursue your dreams? Think again! Several months ago, I did something wild. My friend Mary told me about a TV series that will be shooting in our small town here in Missouri this summer. Having the love of acting still in my blood, I called one of […]

Freedom business woman on a swing

The Benefits of Being Bullied

When moms bully moms!

This by far, will be one of the hardest blogs I’ve ever done. But I pray it will bring healing and comfort to anyone who’s gone through the same tragic situation – being bullied. For many years I’ve talked about bullying to teens across the country, but it was a topic I didn’t spend much time […]


What’s the deal with “The Real O’Neals?”

So you catch a glimpse of a new supposedly hilarious “family” ABC sitcom and you’re hooked. Before we know it, we are laughing right along with them and our kids are being conditioned that mockery of the Christian faith is ok. According to news source, Faith and Freedom, “Disney has teamed up with Seattle’s own […]


What I learned as Ray Liotta’s personal driver for the OSCARS

When you live in LA, there are some off-the-wall jobs people do between their acting gigs to help them pay rent and survive. One such job I agreed to do, was dressing up as a costume character for Hollywood events and kid’s birthday parties. Elmo, Johnny Bravo, Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and yes, Barney were just some of the few […]

at the premiere of "Narc" to close the Hollywood Film Festival, Arclight Theater, Hollywood, CA 10-06-02

Jane Fonda Wasn’t that Fond of Me

how to stand strong in Hollywood with your Pro-Life stance

It started out like any other day. I reviewed the early call time, double-checked my wardrobe requirements and entered the directions to the studio in my GPS. Today I was working on a scene with three A-list celebrities, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan, for the movie “Monster in Law.” There was never a […]

Jane Fonda is not pro-life

The First Time I had Sex

Now that I have your attention… The first time I had sex was on my wedding night when I was 29 years and 51 weeks old…but who’s counting. I actually asked Luke if he’d mind waiting a week to get some action so I could write a book entitled “30-year-old virgin.” He wasn’t havin’ it. […]

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Why I only do laundry TWICE a month!

Yes, my kids wear clean underwear daily

I usually get some shocking looks and comments when I share my laundry routine with other moms. Yes, I’m an oddball in that I only deal with washing dirty clothes twice a month. I’ve tried all different tactics, but this system has worked the best for me by far. I always felt like I was continuously washing, folding and […]

only do laundry twice a month