Kari (mom of 10) gets her van!

How moms and their kids can make dreams come true with little time and money!

Have you ever wanted to be a Christian version of Oprah? I have. Let me explain. I have always wished I had billions of dollars like Oprah, so I could just go out and buy whatever people needed or write a check to someone for a million bucks. Seeing that isn’t the case currently, like many of you moms, I know we still all have a burning desire to do more, give more, help more. Regardless, I want to challenge you that if you think you don’t have the time or don’t have the resources, hopefully this story will encourage you to experience the joy and shock on a person’s face, like I have. You and your kids CAN do it!

This wild story unfolded in June, when I met a woman named Kari after speaking at the Resound Music Festival. She came up to my booth afterwards and her huge smile and midwest accent quickly resonated with me. I felt like I knew her my entire life. Kari shared with me that in the past two-and-a-half years she had adopted 7 babies 3 years and younger. She has 2 two-year-olds, 2 one-year-olds, identical 7 month old girls and a ten week old baby girl. She also had 3 biological children, 12, 9 and 5. My jaw hit the floor! I can no longer use the phrase, “I’m running a day care.” I have 4 kids six and under and homeschool my two older boys, but now suddenly I felt like a wimp! Kari used to work at the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Long story short, when the first baby she adopted, Isaiah, was born in a toilet by a drug addicted woman, Kari knew God was telling her to wrap her arms around this baby and give him a home. Shortly thereafter, she left the hospital to become a stay-at-home mom x10!

IMG_0249What made this story extra special, is that when I called her to see if our family could drive over for a visit out of the blue, she told me I called just when she needed someone the most. We packed the van, made the 3 hour trip and within 30 minutes of our visit, we found out that we were in the exact same Kindergarten class over 30 years ago! Screaming and shedding some tears, I felt like I found my long lost sister. During her kindergarten year, her family moved to the next district over, but regardless, we had a sweet connection I never expected. We quickly rattled off people we both had crushes on, local radio stations, pet stores and anything else that Pulaski, Wisconsin memories had surfaced.

Here’s where it got interesting. During our visit, I asked Kari what she needed the most. Expecting to hear diapers, formula, cases full of food or two live in nannies, I was shocked and intrigued when she said a van (half laughing). She told me she had never left the house being able to take all of her kids with her at once – EVER! They didn’t have a vehicle large enough. By the way, Kari isn’t married and up until recently, she had a woman assistant living with her to help with the children. I knew if I asked what she needed, I wanted God to use our family to get what she asked for. I love challenges and I was up for this one immediately.

Finally, after weeks of searching, last Saturday morning when I first woke up, God said in His almost audible voice, “Check craigslist!” So I did and THERE IT WAS! When I first laid eyes on this sweet red van, I knew she had Kari’s name on it. I wanted to get her a red van so bad, to signify the huge heart she had for adopting all these babies. I called the owner, explained the reason why we needed the van and in the next breath he said he would drop it another $1,100! So we had our van for $5,500 plus another $500 was raised to cover her insurance, taxes and plates. Throughout this entire process, my kids got to learn and see how God provides and how we can be used to help others in need.

IMG_6117 (2)

A deserving mom of 10, desperately in need of a van. Her dreams finally came true.

My favorite part was seeing the joy on Kari’s face when this huge dream came true. Kari said she loved seeing my kids inside the van screaming with excitement when they saw her shocked and surprised. That moment was priceless! Kari got to see a dream come true and her kids got to see how God makes the impossible – possible. Over 10-15 families came together to donate for this cause and great friends from California told me that they would match dollar for dollar on what was raised to make it happen. How amazing! In 48 hours my simple Facebook post provided the $6,000 we needed. Thank you Lord!

Now I’m ready for the next challenge. I know I can get the ball rolling and raise money for a van, but dang, to adopt and raise 7 babies in 3 years (one special needs) along with 3 older children by my lonesome? Don’t know if I am cut out for that one. However, when collaboration happens, and people use their talents God gave them to reach out and help others? WATCH OUT!

Moms, you and your kids can dream big and do something that another family would think was impossible too! If you’ve already had that experience, PLEASE share it below! I would love to get some great ideas for the next project! If you need some ideas on where to start, grab Amy Newmark’s newly released book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering & Giving Back: 101 Inspiring Stories of Purpose & Passion.”

As for this adorable family of 11, my next challenge is to get 17 tickets to Disneyland! Any connections to make this dream a reality? Let me know!


Question: What has your family done that was life-changing for another person’s life? Share your answer by clicking here or email me your story!

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David (Daleiden) vs. Goliath (Planned Parenthood)


A hero is a person who puts their very life on the line to save another human being. David Daleiden – an anti-abortion activist – is such a man. He did one of the most couragous acts I’ve heard about in recent history knowing full well that he would be burning a target on his forehead. This man David (rightfully named) is like David against Goliath – Planned Parenthood (PP). News just broke today that the major supporters of PP who are in high government positions, want to financially destroy and jail Daleiden because he in charge of exposing the heinous, vile, illegal acts of this Satanic organization.

When I first saw some of the undercover sting videos, I literally had to pause the clip in order to bawl at my desk and then take a few moments until I could stomach the rest. The video below involves the murder of a baby lying in a bowl at a lab after being aborted alive. Illegal partial birth abortions are being done to salvage more intact baby parts because they are worth more money. In the comment section under this video I found one viewer’s thoughts, “You don’t need god to see this is evil. I’m an atheist and I know abortion is flat out murder of the innocent.”

A speaker at a recent Eagle Forum conference I attended last weekend, told us to watch all the videos so that we may not remain silent and pray that God awakens our souls to do something about the murders taking place in our country. In order to solve the problem we need to actually see how horrible the issue is to begin with. She was right. The scripture that immediately came to mind was Isaiah 5:20, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” We are in the final hour folks.

I have a special place in my heart for Planned Parenthood. I want to see them go down. Exposing this organization has been a passion of mine for 17 years. They mask all their lies by saying their mission is to help women and give free exams, blah blah blah all to have us embrace the idea that they care for us. Read up on Margaret Sanger, the very founder of Planned Parenthood. One of Sanger’s first quotes I came across when researching the creation of PP two decades ago, was “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” 

If we all knew what PP’s mission was, we would see how Satan works. He deceives. He hates life and he wants to destroy believers and unbelievers alike. We were all created in the image of God. Satan hates ALL OF US. In fact, their actual name being Planned Parenthood is a deception in itself. Planned Parenthood comes across like they want to help us be good parents for our children, when in reality it’s name should represent what they actually do, like Dead Baby Factory. Tag line – where we dismember, kill and sell your baby’s body parts and make double the dollars! Money from you as the customer and clients who buy your baby’s body parts! WIN! WIN!

Daleiden is now in the public eye and hated by all who support and love Planned Parenthood and it’s mission. Why? Because if Planned Parenthood were to go down in burning flames, so many billions of dollars would be lost and many of these very same government officials who want to grill Daleiden would lose their status or the money they’re making behind closed doors. We need to be praying for this man.

Tom Brejcha, one of Daleiden’s supporters, said that while abortion groups are pursuing aggressive lawsuits against Daleiden, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice (facade – the dept of justice is anything but upholding justice) “is waiting in the wings to pounce on David.” We are in great danger as a nation if we have a man in charge who’s main mission is to exploit and destroy anyone who would bring truth to light and keep hidden in darkness people who murder babies and sell their body parts. Selling body parts is illegal and yet nothing is being done by our administration. They should pay and hire David Daleiden to expose more cover-ups, not jail and silence him. Then again, our government wants this truth-seeker behind bars in case he exposes any corruption in the government itself! This man is a threat to our United States government. The time is short people. God’s words are coming to pass in scripture.

I-Regret-My-Abortion-Flickr-e1421437630169If you have ever had an abortion or know a friend who has, let them know God heals and forgives! In addition, check out this amazing organization called Silent No More. When I spoke for Rock for Life in Washington D.C. several years ago, I heard some inspiring stories from women around the globe who found forgiveness through Jesus. I urge you to share your story so that you too can save more babies lives!

I challenge each and every one of us to find a mission worth dying for. Pick a mission, any mission that exposes sin for what it is and run with it. Life would be so boring if we just did the mundane only to lie on our death beds having regrets. Find a mission. Run the race. Be in the game.

David, my friend, you will soon receive a crown of glory for all that you have done to expose the over 57 million babies that have been killed thus far through abortion. Well done, good and faithful servant, well done.


Question: What hard thing have you lived through that you can use to help others? Share your answer by clicking here.

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  • read Christian Post’s full story here

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Don’t miss out on your greatest talents & potential! Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.


So many of us, myself included, have spent more time in our lives trying to improve the things we are not good at, instead of developing our strengths. We focus on improving our weaknesses in order to get a job with a killer income, to please someone else, to add one more designation after our names or one more line to our resume. I can attest to being fixated on adding one more job to my resume, especially when I lived in Hollywood during my acting career. All reasons, however, according to #1 New York Times best seller, author Tom Rath, says is a major waste of time. After what I learned, I couldn’t agree more.

Last weekend I picked up the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book and devoured it. It confirmed what God was telling me to do for months. Form a team to make His mission happen. To make the impossible – possible. I encourage you to do this for yourself. It’s life-changing.

Rath states, “People go from the cradle to the cubicle and then to the casket, without uncovering their greatest talents and potential. This is why it’s essential not only to discover and develop your strengths as early as possible, but also to help the people around you build on their natural talents. (If you do so) these actions will start to change the world around you.” Since I was a little farm kid, I’ve always wanted to reach the masses with the truth.

I wish this book existed two decades ago when I was fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. I had no clue what my best assets were or what talents I had that I should be developing and using to help expand God’s kingdom. I just did job after job until it led me to my current speaking career and as a homeschooling mom raising four little world-changers. By trying a ton of different things it did help me network with many other people, that eventually landed me my first speaking event. Yet, I wish I knew back then what I know now regarding what strengths I should have been developing years ago.

strengths finder bookAfter reading this book, I was scared to tackle this StrengthsFinder Assessment test, because of the outcome I might receive. What if I discovered that the Communication theme was not one of my strengths? I’ve been speaking for 11 years! Did I pick the wrong career? Who do I need to come along side me that was good in the areas I lacked in? How would I find these people? I knew all of this would take time and God’s leading. However, after going through one of the toughest years of my life last year, I knew I could no longer do this youth ministry alone. I was burned out. Exhausted. Discouraged.

I pleaded with God that if He wanted me to continue to pursue the vision He gave me so many years ago, that He connect me with the right people to help build a ministry team to carry it out. God answered. Over the past year, I am learning how crucial it is to focus on what I excel at and give the things I stink at, to other teammates in those particular fields of expertise.

I took the test. I was shocked! The Communication Theme was not even one of the top 5 strengths for me. Achiever, Activator, Command, Focus and Responsibility made the list. So I guess I was supposed to be an Army drill sergeant not a youth motivational speaker. HA! This completely opened my eyes to who I am as a person and how others can have completely different themes as myself. Now, I am learning to see how important it is for me to get to know others – personally. How can we all work together to do what God’s called us to do being the people he created us to be?

These questions quickly arose after getting the test results. What talents did God give me that I should be strengthening and developing so that I could be the best me for God’s service? What a learning experience this will be. What does this look like for you? Read the book, take the test and start to plan out the rest of your life!

211f1ecFor me, in the past year, my friend Laurie has come along side and rehashed my live show. She gave it clarity and added depth through her Thinking Two Steps Ahead philosophy. Teens are eating it up. I met Brian at a conference this past spring and he is now my booking agent. He’s excellent at it. I don’t excel in that area. I gladly handed that over. I met Karla at a fundraiser over the summer and she offered to watch my four kids for several hours a week so I can get ministry work done. What a blessing! God is providing people to help and together I know we can equip America’s youth much better than if I were trying to do this all by myself. What a sense of relief to know we don’t have to be perfect or be like everyone else! We each have talents that we can use to collaborate with each other to accomplish His purposes!

What helpers do you need to join your team to make your God-sized dreams a reality?

No matter what stage of life you are in, this is a perfect time to take this step. If you are a high school graduate wondering what you should do next, a college student trying to figure out what career path to choose, an engaged couple ready to embark on a two-become-one journey or anyone wanting to choose a different career path, this book is for you!

Click HERE to get your copy!

* FYI. You don’t have to buy the book in order to take the test. You can just purchase the test online here. However, I highly recommend the book so you have a clear idea on how to apply your results and are able to read the other themes of your loved ones. If you buy the book, make sure you buy a new copy so you get a code to use in order to take the test.


Question: What steps have you taken to form a team to accomplish a goal? Share your answer by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t miss out on your greatest talents & potential! Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

  1. Glad you found the StrengthsFinder tool. It’s a powerful resource when you are able to share your strengths with your teammates and family, and vice versa. It’s a great way to draw on people’s innate strengths on projects.

    -Brent (Achiever, Learner, Maximizer, Input, Includer)