Which of the Top 5 Golden Globe Winners Are REALLY Worth Watching?!

the TV shows that are the real winners...

Hollywood’s standards usually don’t line up with what we deem as appropriate. Here’s the breakdown of the TV show Golden Globe winners.

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With the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards concluding this past Sunday, I wanted to do some research to find out if any of them that won are worth watching (rundown of winner list). Here’s the breakdown of the top 5 TV show Golden Globe winners. Some are both educational and entertaining and some you want to run from.

  1. THE CROWNWON BEST TV SERIES – DRAMA and BEST PERFORMANCE BY ACTRESS IN A TV SERIES (Clair Foy). England’s Queen Elizabeth II is the focal point of this Netflix series. For the most part, this show is relatively clean and gives a good glimpse of what it’s like to be the queen. However, it is still rated TV-MA for a reason (Mature Audiences). There are some scenes scattered throughout the series showing naked bodies and the language can be rather shocking at times.  CLICK HERE for a full review from MovieGuide.
  2. ATLANTAWON BEST TV SERIES – COMEDY and BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TV SERIES (Donald Glover). Creator and star Donald Glover was not expecting people to like his show nor win a Golden Globe for that matter. However, many are getting hooked after just watching the first episode which airs on FX. It’s about a man who’s trying to become a music promoter in Atlanta and the lifestyle that surrounds this endeavor. The negatives? It ranks extremely high in drinking, drugs, smoking and foul language. The positives? It’s very realistic and the characters always seek redemption. Another one that will have to be your call parents, if you want your kids watching this kind of content. Common Sense Media recommended kids be at least 15 years of age to watch this show. CLICK HERE for an in depth review.
  3. golden globeBLACK-ISHWON BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TV SERIES (Tracee Ellis Ross). “ABC’s family sitcom black-ish gives the American public its first prominent (live-action) upper-middle-class black family since the Huxtables. The result is very much a product of our times,” stated Paul Asay from Plugged in Online. There are some things you want to watch out for like mild profanities and bathroom humor as well as masturbation and sexual topics which are discussed. Common Sense Media advises this show is suitable for kids 11 and above. CLICK HERE for a full review on this new series.
  4. THE NIGHT MANAGERWON BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR, ACTRESS and ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION (Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman and Hugh Laurie). The British adaptation of John le Carré’s spy novel, “The Night Manager” is filled with major suspense, however, it’s also full of very graphic violence, sex, drinking, drugs and smoking. I would advise read a book instead. CLICK HERE for a full review.
  5. kmrhn0lqpjg-market_maxresTHE PEOPLE v O.J. SIMPSON: AMERICAN CRIME STORYWON LIMITED SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION and BEST ACRESS (Sarah Paulson). Obviously this fiction miniseries is based off the true story of O.J. Simpson and his murder trial. This series is full of violence, dead bodies, drugs, smoking and other negative influences. The other thing I’ve discovered from reading several reviews, is that this show doesn’t demonstrate that justice prevails. It’s one thing to show something horrible that happened, but when the criminals are not punished and justice not served, well…it just promotes the message that you can do what you want and get away with it. Not a good example for our kids to see! CLICK HERE for the entire review.

Are any TV shows completely clean these days? I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but I’m glad some of the shows above took home the awards instead of other shows that were nominated like “Transparent” “Game of Thrones” and “Divorce.”

Please keep me posted if any of these shows get more graphic in nature and comment on this blog. I want to have these reviews be as current at necessary so we know if it pays to keep watching or steer clear. Thanks!

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Preview any new TV show your kids are asking to watch – FIRST – and see if it passes your test on appropriateness 🙂

Question: What shows did you discover that are family-friendly that we should all know about? Share your answer by clicking here.

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