Is Porn In Any of Your Children’s Video Games?

Porn is in a majority of children’s video games today. Here is my FOUR STEP process of how to do a video game purge and keep your kids porn protected!


Due to the overwhelming response regarding last week’s Facebook Live video on the graphic pornography found throughout Grand Theft Auto V, I find it necessary that we dig deeper on how to address this serious issue. Read last week’s post to find out what content millions of younger kids are still getting their hands on regardless of the rating system. Many parents are unaware of how graphic and violent this video game series really is.

Here is my FOUR STEP process on how to safeguard our homes when it comes to video games.

Step 1: Wake Up

With a majority of the top video games containing murder, strip clubs, drugs and alcohol, violence and graphic sex and pornography scenes, we need to be fully aware of what our kids are ingesting – mostly without our knowledge. My goal is to help busy, frustrated moms stay on top of the game in knowing what pop culture is pumping out for our kids and be very selective on what we allow in our homes.

Step 2: Face Up

What do we do next? The next step would be to dig deep on what video games are in our kids’ bedrooms. Since you care deeply for their well being, let them know that you are doing a little research to see what your kids are playing on their gaming systems (maybe hint at Christmas coming up). You could always do some FBI research and check their rooms or other media rooms when they are not home. Ask them what games they love to play. No matter how you do it, take inventory of what video games exist in the home. Make a list.

Step 3: Get Educated

Once you have your list of video games that your child loves to play, check out what they are rated. (include photo of video game rating system)

The ESRB rating system is primarily enforced on a voluntary basis by the video game and retail industry, and is not enforced under federal laws in any of the countries where it is actively used—however, in some parts of Canada, provincial laws require retailers to enforce the ESRB ratings system, with enforcement of these laws handled by regional film ratings boards. Critics of the ESRB have asserted that the organization has a conflict of interest because of its vested interest in the video game industry, and that the ESRB does not rate certain games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series, harshly enough for their violent or sexual content in order to protect their commercial viability.

ESRB ratings are primarily identified through icons, which are displayed on the packaging and promotional materials for a game. Games which incorporate online elements must display the additional notice “Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB”

Critics have argued that some games only received the M rating rather than the stricter AO rating because of the commercial effects of such a rating; console manufacturers and most retailers refuse to distribute AO-rated games, dramatically affecting their commercial availability.

Step 4: Take Action

The best thing we can do is to clean house – literally. Ditch any and all video games with any rating that is not appropriate for your children’s ages. The issue we have, however, is that the ESRB has been criticized for not rating the games properly and allowing games that should be labeled as AO (adult only) instead of the M (mature 17+) rating. Most stores will NOT allow a AO rating game to be sold on store shelves.

The Benefits

This mini pop culture video game purge will open the floodgates of communication in the home as well as relieve stress, anxiety and attitude issues that can arise in a gamer playing these games. Your child will become the influencer instead of being influenced by these harmful messages. Read last week’s post to find out more on the issues with video game ratings and younger kids still getting their hands on the wrong content.

Question: What did your children say and how did they handle you’re video game purge? Share your answer by clicking here.


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Grand Theft Auto Includes GRAPHIC Pornography!

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The Grand Theft Auto series is loaded with graphic pornography, violence, sex, drugs, prostitution! Parents are NOT aware. Check your kids’ bedrooms!

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LONG gone are the days of Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Tetris and Paper Boy. Today our young kids, I’m talking 6, 7, 8 year old children are watching and playing games that are literally full of porn. No one should be exposed to this graphic sexual exploitation, but children none the less? Innocence is being stripped from their minds. What sex was intended for and the purity and the gratification of it, is wiped away when our young kids are being exposed to this garbage.

Studies now are saying that kids can become addicted to pornography after only several views. I knew about video game cheat codes for almost two decades and wrote a post on this topic last year. However, these sex scenes with girl-on-girl full frontal nudity or men with men and even multiple partners having sex are available without the need of cheat codes.

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