Steer Clear of “The Babysitter’s Club” on Netflix

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Steer Clear of “The Babysitter’s Club” on Netflix

“The Babysitter’s Club” on Netflix is not the innocent tween adventure us middle-aged moms remember from the book series. In case you missed our initial pop culture alert warning of transgenderism in Netflix’s new series you can view it HERE.

Since that alert came out, we heard from the CCM community that the show is worse than expected. One mom shared her experience:

“I watched two episodes with my girls. The first episode was fine. It just had some slight arguing between friends. The second episode I watched had two BSC members attend a gathering hosted by a witch. They called her a “spiritual healer” but it was very clear that a life of witchcraft was presented in a seemingly innocent way.”

A review from PluggedIn explains that the show has even more concerning issues in it including lesbian parents, misuse of God’s name, jokes about nudity and alcohol, which led the reviewer to conclude:

“While The Baby-Sitters Club addresses the issues that many middle schoolers face today, it does so in a way that many parents may feel is a bit too mature for their tween children.”

Just about anything on Netflix or produced by Netflix will have some aspect of the liberal agenda in it so that your kids believe that homosexuality, transgenderism, and paranormal spirituality are normal and acceptable, but it’s all lies. Just because it’s on TV does not make it true. Dig into the Bible, the only source for truth.

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