Popular Music Gets Theology Wrong

Popular Music Gets Theology Wrong

Anchor Chris Woodward from the American Family Association shares wisdom about the false theology promoted in popular music. Increase your awareness and teach your kids to know the truth in order to counter these messages.

Some highlights:

“One song called “Stand By You” from Rachel Platten included the words “even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.” It is a catchy song, but if you’re a fan of it and you are having trouble finding heaven, let me take a few minutes of your time to tell you how to get there. The answer is by Jesus Christ…”

“…let’s talk about songs such as “Where I Come From” by Alan Jackson. Sure, I like cornbread and chicken, and sitting on the front porch swinging, but Mr. Jackson also sings about people in his neck of the woods that are “workin’ hard to get to heaven.”

Friends, you cannot earn your way to heaven.”

For a full dose of wisdom, CLICK HERE.

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