Christianity Today Discusses the Future of Christian Streaming Services

Christianity Today Discusses the Future of Christian Streaming Services

Many Christian families are displeased with the entertainment offerings of Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime and Christian video streaming services are available to them.

This article in Christianity Today talks about streaming services such as VidAngel, Pureflix, and Minno and Christian Cinema and what it is like for them to compete with the big providers.

Here are some highlights from the article:

“Currently, more than 140 separate services offer movie and TV streaming—including a few players that have made a name reaching Christian families during the past decade: Pure Flix, VidAngel, Christian Cinema, and Minno, among others.

“The mainstream streamers all offer perfectly good family content, but mixed in with things that are decidedly for adults only,” said Kate O’Hare, who serves on staff at Family Theater Productions in Los Angeles. “The faith-based services offer an assurance that the content will not be overtly sexual, gratuitously violent, nor containing messages that run counter to Christian moral beliefs. It’s a safe bet.”

“Some major streaming services give at least a nod to their religious audiences. Disney+ offers Christian classics like The Sound of Music and the Chronicles of Narnia trilogy, co-produced by Walden Media. Netflix carries a rotating slate of faith-based titles, plus documentaries like The Pharmacist and Undefeated that include underlying faith themes. Amazon Prime’s library includes a few Christian kids’ series along with hard-to-find gems such as the 1975 film The Hiding Place, about Corrie ten Boom.”

“You don’t let Hollywood raise your children,” Julie Foust said. “We try to teach them to be discerning, that ultimately we want to please Jesus with the things we watch. When they do turn something off, there is rejoicing that ‘Okay, this is getting through to them.’ ”

By producing and curating entertainment where faith is explored rather than shunned, Christian creatives hope to spread their message.”

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