Christian Culture with a Sense of Humor

Christian Culture with a Sense of Humor

In Christianity Today, Daniel Silliman takes a look at what Christian culture looks like on Twitter and finds a humorous niche group of millennials sharing life experiences.

A quick excerpt:

“The heart of weird evangelical Twitter isn’t the juxtaposition of pop culture and theology, though, or the funny trolling. The key to the sensibility is in the specific references to evangelical youth culture from the 1990s and early 2000s. The sense of community is built around that shared knowledge and the experience of becoming an adult and realizing your childhood was strange.”

“There are some things that I was raised with, including stuff about fear and power, that I would not like to replicate in my life,” Mayfield said. “But I was also really immersed in the Bible. You get to the point in your life where the easier answers aren’t going to cut it, and then you go back and read the Gospels and think, oh my gosh, this is really good news.”

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